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All About Vince

Learn about the adventures of Vincent Robert Rose

Vincent Rose, a self-taught Crocodilian Behaviorist, has touched the hearts of individuals worldwide via TV appearances including Florida FOX4; Sweden TV4; Discovery Animal Planet, USA and UK; Poland TVN with Nat Geo traveler Martyna Wojciechowska; KoldCast’s World Travel; World Wildlife Foundation, Poland TVN; and France TV5. 

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With over thirty-five years of studying, tracking, hunting, and trapping all forms of wildlife, Vince Rose is exceptionally knowledgeable in apex predator behaviors. His behavioral studies include bears of the Rocky Mountains and Australia’s freshwater and saltwater crocodiles. With over thirty years of experience handling various species of crocodilians, including highly endangered Siamese crocodiles, and venomous snakes such as Fer-de-Lance, Vince has spent countless hours studying the behavior of wild, American and Morelet’s crocodiles. He has thousands of safe, live crocodilian captures, relocations and re-releases via various humane methods (i.e. pull snares, culvert traps, nets, and by hand). Additionally, Vince is a professional trainer in the safe handling of crocodiles and has trained international Herpetologists; interns who are now operating their own crocodile rescue programs; Belize Forest Department, Police Department, and Defense Forces Officers; and the US Coast Guard Auxiliary in Florida. His expertise is internationally recognized, and Vince has been the primary Crocodilian handler for productions with Animal Planet, USA and UK; National Geographic, Polask; World Wildlife Federation; Polask; Patly Productions, France; Travel Channel, USA; and Swedish film crews. For ten years, Vince was Belize’s primary Crocodilian conservation consultant and notably has always captured the specifically targeted animal due to his expertise in Crocodilian Behavior. Vince is one of the World’s leading experts on American crocodile behaviors.



Crocodile Behaviorist 


Professional Tracker
Private Guide


Crocodilian Behavioral Studies, Australia

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Owner, Bear Construction
General Contractor

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Resort Management
General Manager
Woods Lake Resort


Security Captain
Roving Supervisor
Licensed & Bonded


Playboy Mansion Butler

Numerous hours and over a thousand safe, live crocodilian captures, relocation, and releases via various methods (i.e. traps, snares, nets, and hand). Ten years experience studying and handling crocodilians, venomous snakes, and most all wildlife from North and Central America. Professional trainer in the safe handling of crocodilians for: The Belize Forest Department; Police Departments; Defense Forces; and international students and Herpetologists for research purposes.

  • 2014 - Animal Planet USA “Monster Croc: Search for a Killer” via Double Act Productions, UK.

  • 2013 - TVN Poland “Women at the End of the World” with Nat Geo traveler, Martyna Wojciechowska

  • 2012- KoldCast World Travel Show “Another Shade of Blue” with Nat Geo traveler, Ty Sawyer.

  • 2012 - Wild Productions, Ltd., UK Animal Planet’s “Wildlife SOS” with Simon Cowell of Wildlife Aid.

  • 2011 - World Wildlife Foundation Poland, TVN’s “SOS for the World,” Episode “A Hellish Beach.”

  • 2011 - Patly Productions, France TV’s “Somewhere on Earth: Belize” Directed by Aurelie Massait.

  • 2009 - Jupiter Entertainment, Knoxville, TN - The rescue of two crocodiles and their transport to ACES in Punta Gorda (pre-arson). Never aired due to internal changes within Jupiter Entertainment.

  • 2008 - Gurney Productions, USA Animal Planet’s “Wild Recon” Belize Episode with Donald Schultz. Responsible for all crocodile and Black Howler monkey scenes.

  • 2004 Co-founded ACES - American Crocodile Education Sanctuary in Belize.

Studied numerous species of North America’s animals including bear, elk, deer, rabbit, water- fowl, and fish. Studies of the mentioned species included but were not limited to: gender differences; tracking; living habits; aggressiveness; food; and mating behaviors. Also, provided private, professional training and services, particularly tracking techniques, to elite hunters.

Lived six months in the Outback studying captive and wild crocodilians, Australia’s freshwater and saltwater crocodiles, Crocodylus johnstoni and Crocodylus porosus, respectively.

Owner, operator of construction company located in Aspen, CO. Implemented all phases of building construction and development including: architectural design, framing, plumbing, electrical, solar, and hydroelectric. Also, a consultant to other general contractors and homeowners.

Execute all phases of operation at a private, multi-million dollar resort & wildlife sanctuary. Ensure all property infrastructures, facilities, and staff performed to optimum on a daily basis. In charge of all aspects of construction, including the complete construction and interior finishing of log cabins and maintaining the operation of a hydroelectric plant.

California Plant Protection - provided all aspects of security for 'Stars' at ABC, NBC, and various motion picture studios throughout Beverly HIlls and the Los Angeles areas. 

Butlered at The Playboy Mansion.

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