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Croc Tales

crocodile rescue

The Rescue of Bulldog & Taz

Hurricane floods conspire to foil the rescue of Bulldog & Taz

crocodile whisperer

The Origin of The Croc Whisperer

Faith between one man and an American crocodile

silkgrass crocs

Croc Dre & The Silkgrass Crocs

ACES helps Morelet's crocs escape illegal captivity at Crocodile Isle

crocodile capture

Buckle Up Gruff!

Always safety first when rescuing crocodiles

6 foot crocodile

Croc Jaws Now 6 Feet

Despite a machete wound to his jaw, Jaws lives on!

living with crocodiles

Be Safe with Snappy!

Tips on how to live safely with Crocodilians

recovering crocodile

Phineas ~ A Story of Recovery

Crocodilians have miraculous healing abilities

croc rescue

Satan, Tam Tam, & Papa Wiggles

Castaway crocodiles 

a tale of a fateful trip

aces croc rescue

ACES' First  Croc Rescue ~ Snapper

Snapper swims freely for the first time in her life

illegally fed crocodiles

Meet Crocs Xanadu & Fast Eddie

Illegally fed crocs seek out humans for food

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