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Our Journey Begins Here

Come along for the adventure!

Join Cherie Chenot-Rose as she shares her passionate American crocodile conservation efforts while exploring how we can safely coexist.

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Cherie Chenot-Rose

Meet Cherie

Welcome To Adventures

As a research biologist, my life has been riddled with explorations, adventures, and sacrifices, including donating my kidney to my father in 2009. I'm ready to share my experiences with the world in an upcoming series of novellas. My literary passion arose in the middle of the raging Bering Sea aboard a longline fishing vessel. The plethora of skates caught as bycatch inspired me to write my poem “Longline."

crocadile education
Cherie & Vince Rose

Co-Founder of ACES ~ American Crocodile Education Sanctuary, Belize

Published Research Biologist

Living Kidney Donor


Meet Cherie

Dare to Explore


Cherie holds Bachelor of Science degrees in Biology and Psychobiology. She’s published five scientific research articles on American crocodiles and hundreds of crocodilian essays for numerous media outlets.



Over 30 years of milestones and adventures


Cherie's scientific publications based on her American crocodile research.

Living Kidney Donor

Alaskan Fishing Boats

Cherie’s literary passion arose in the raging Bering Sea aboard a longline fishing vessel while she was counting by-catch for the United States National Marine Fisheries.

Share What You Can Give!

Donating blood, bone marrow, a kidney or a part of one's lung, liver, pancreas or intestine can save a life.

Crocodile Sanctuary

Cherie and her husband Vince are the founders of Belize's first crocodile conservation organization, ACES ~ American Crocodile Education Sanctuary.


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