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Welcome to Cherie's Adventures!

Updated: Mar 9, 2023

It's been a long journey from student to research biologist to crocodile conservationist and now to writing my first book. There's been numerous detours including outdoor educator, groundfish observer, field technician, painter, maid, snorkel instructor, snowboard instructor, deckhand, first mate, substitute teacher and a deadhead for a few years. It's been a grand life filled with a ton of dancing, diving, herping, fishing, jeeping, down-hilling, crocing, teaching and learning.

Like you, I've experienced my share of bends, obstacles, sacrifices, and adversities. Each one has brought with it a wealth of opportunities. Even the worst of them. One just has to pay attention so as not to miss it. My opportunity now is to share how I not only survive loss and grief and failure but thrive through it! And no, the answer is not wine. Although we all know I have drank my share. And then some.

So it's time to pull up anchor once again and this time set sail on my voyage of authorship!

It's not going to be all fair winds & following seas and it's guaranteed we will get wet. But, I'm ecstatic to have you on this journey with me!

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